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building surcharge on retaining wall

Retaining Wall Design Allan Block

Any added weight above a retaining wall is called a surcharge. Patios, swimming pools and driveways are common residential surcharges. Your wall may need additional support if a surcharge is present. Setback The amount your wall leans into the hill is called

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Determination 2007/67 Retaining wall at 71 Beach Road, Waihi Beach, Western Bay of Plenty

Determination 2007/67 Retaining wall at 71 Beach Road, Waihi Beach, Western Bay of Plenty section c as it relates to what may constitute a surcharge on the wall and thereby not be exempt form building works. Department of Building and Housing 5 26

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Retaining Walls: When a Building Permit is Required

intent of this article is to clarify the requirements for when a building permit is required for the installation of a retaining wall. Retaining Walls Definitions A retaining wall is a wall designed to resist lateral earth and/or fluid pressures, including any surcharge This

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Principles of Retaining Wall Design The Constructor

Figure 2: Tall Retaining Walls Retaining Wall Design Considerations In the design of free standing retaining walls, The floor plan of the building and the propose for which the building is to be used determine loading conditions and the layout of supports

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Loads and Forces Acting on Retaining Wall and Their Calculations

Surcharge loads Acting on Retaining Wall Surcharge loads acting on retaining wall are additional vertical loads that used to the backfill soil above the top of the wall.

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Compliance of a retaining wall between two properties

Building Retaining wall Cut line Approximate boundary lines Fence Fence Fig.2 Figure 1: Site plan not to scale surcharge and that ‘the fence needs further investigation and needs to be designed and reconstructed if required’. 5. The expert’s report 5.1 As I

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Surcharge Lateral Earth Pressure University of Idaho

Surcharge Lateral Earth Pressure Description A uniform vertical pressure applied to the ground surface in the vicinity of a retaining wall is called a surcharge load. This surcharge load will result in an additional horizontal pressure on the wall. Calculations Like the

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SECTION 5 RETAINING WALLS California Department of Transportation

SECTION 5 RETAINING WALLS Part A General Requirements and Materials 5.1 GENERAL Retaining walls shall be designed to withstand lateral earth and water pressures, the effects of surcharge loads, the self weight of the wall and in special cases, earth

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Retaining Wall Plan Allan Block

Knowing what is on your jobsite before you build is good retaining wall planning. Dealer Login Any added weight above the wall is called a surcharge. Parking lots, swimming pools, and driveways are common surcharges. Light duty surcharges are designed

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construction of a retaining wall does not require a building consent when it is less than 1.5 m high and ‘does not support any surcharge or any load additional to the load of that ground for example, the load of the vehicles on a road ’. Retaining walls that are over

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